• What is the New Zealand Poker Tour?
  • The NZPT New Zealand Poker Tour (NZPT) is a series of major poker tournaments conducted throughout the and New Zealand region.
  • When and where are the NZPT Season 5 events taking place?
  • See the tournaments schedule page for details. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or alter details of listed events at its discretion.
  • What is the structure for New Zealand Poker Tour events?
  • Most NZPT events are three-day tournaments with one or more Day 1 flights. The NZPT Queenstown Main Event will incorporate a 20,000 chip start bank and 60 minute levels, with slowly increasing blind levels. Please click NZPT structure for details.
  • Will there be side events and cash games at all NZPT events?
  • All NZPT events incorporate cash games.
  • What poker game will be played in the NZPT main events?
  • The main events will all be No Limit Hold'em. At some venues, side events or cash games may be spread in other poker variants, such as Omaha.
  • What is the entry cost for NZPT events?
  • The buy-in for NZPT Queenstown is NZD$3,000. The buy-in for NZPT Auckland is NZD $2,200. All Main Events are freezeouts.
  • Is there an agreement I need to sign to appear in an NZPT event?
  • Yes. A condition of entry into any tournament on the NZPT may be the completion and signing of a consent form, which requires the participant to comply with all terms and conditions applying to the relevant NZPT event.
  • Can I play even if I don't sign the agreement?
  • No. The consent form is a requirement for participation in any NZPT event. Any player who does not sign the consent form will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • How old do I have to be to participate?
  • 20 years old. These age requirements also apply for all participants who seek to enter the NZPT event by winning a freeroll on NZPT.
  • How do I win a freeroll on NZPT?
  • See terms and conditions here.
  • Can I sell my seat if I win a freeroll on NZPT?
  • No. You must play the first seat you win.
  • Can I cash-in my seat or transfer it to a friend if I win a satellite or freeroll on NZPT?
  • No. NZPT seats are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • I won! What do I do now?
  • You will receive an email from the organisers describing the basics of the package and telling you what to do next.
  • My package included spending money. What's that for?
  • The NZPT prize package includes the tournament buy-in, four to seven nights accommodation (depending on the event) and spending money which can be used as a contribution to your travel expenses, such as your airfare and taxes. You will need to make your own travel arrangements, and we encourage you to do this early as prices increase significantly if you don't book in advance.
  • Is my food included in the price of the trip?
  • No.
  • Do I need a passport to attend an NZPT event?
  • Yes. All players travelling abroad will need a passport and citizens of some countries will need visas. Please check the relevant event page and/or consult your travel agent. Organisers are not responsible if you have failed to make the necessary arrangements regarding your visa and are denied entry to the country.
  • I have won a NZPT prize package (including seat, hotel and spending money) - can I bring a guest?
  • Yes. If you have qualified for the tournament through the NZPT, your prize package includes a double room where your guest may sleep at no extra cost. However, all other costs incurred by your guest will not be covered in your prize package.
  • I have won a NZPT prize package - do I have a hotel reservation?
  • If you win a NZPT package online, your hotel room will be booked by organisers and you do not need to do anything except book and pay for your flight. You will receive confirmation regarding your hotel accommodation shortly after receiving notice of your win.
  • What is the currency in the countries where NZPT events are being held?
  • New Zealand Dollars.
  • What payment methods can I use for direct buy-ins?
  • Players who would like to register in advance for NZPT Season 5 (and be guaranteed a seat), should e-mail enquiries@skycity.co.nz to receive instructions on sending their payment via wire transfer. Please include the number of seats you would like to purchase. Wire transfers are no longer accepted through PokerStars.
  • Will I need special identification to enter the tournament?
  • Yes. Please bring your passport (or driver's license if you live in the same country as the venue) with you in order to register.
  • What logos am I allowed to wear?
  • Organisers have strict rules on the wearing of branded logos by players at NZPT events. Please click Rules and Regulations.
  • Will I appear on the Internet or television?
  • Bloggers will be covering Season 5 NZPT events and local media will be in attendance.

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NZPT Leaderboard


Place Player Points
1 Aristomenis Stavropoulos 180.74
2 Yew Fatt 'Raiden' Kan 136.81
3 James Rann 135.38
4 Li-Ta Hsu 122.89
5 Joel Douaglin 109.44
6 Dimitrios Psaros 108.90
7 Anthony Legg 107.81
8 Lennart Uphoff 107.19
9 Stevan Chew 105.00
10 Bryan Huang 100.73